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Bus Accident Lawyer

bus and taxi going through NYC Times Square New Jersey accident attorneys representing injury victims in Morris, Hudson, Passaic, Essex and Middlesex, and Bergen County.

At Eisbrouch Marsh, we offer compassionate yet zealous representation of clients injured in bus accidents. Bus accident law presents a host of nuanced issues, including possible vicarious liability, defective parts litigation or negligent entrustment issues. If you are unsure about your legal rights, we encourage you to reach out to an experienced New Jersey bus accident lawyer at our firm for a free consultation.

With over 25 years of experience in bus accident litigation, attorneys David Eisbrouch and Eileen Marsh will work tirelessly to obtain the compensation you deserve. Whether you are in need of help with medical bills, are unable to return to your job or are left permanently disabled because of the accident, a NJ personal injury lawsuit can allow you to experience financial peace of mind while you focus on your recovery.

Foundation of a bus accident lawsuit

A bus accident lawsuit in New Jersey can incorporate several areas of state civil liability laws. The basic foundation of civil liability is a finding of negligence. In order for you to recover from the accident, you must set forth evidence to show that the defendant breached his duty to act reasonably and safely around you, resulting in your injuries. For example, if you were injured after the bus driver slammed on the brakes, propelling you forward, you could recover compensation by showing that the driver’s actions were unreasonably dangerous and caused your resulting injury.

In addition to citing direct negligence on the part of the driver, you may be able to recover damages from the actual owner of the bus. Under a concept known as vicarious liability, or respondeat superior, an employer may be liable for the harm caused by his employee. This may serve as a more attractive option as the bus company may be in a better position than the individual driver to offer a fair and adequate settlement to properly redress your injuries. This option may also be helpful if you were injured while riding on a tour bus or during a sightseeing excursion.

Your New Jersey bus accident attorney may also embark down alternative roads to recovery that may be unique to your specific case. For instance, if your injury occurred due to a defect with the bus or its safety features, you may be able to recover from the manufacturer or retailer.

If the accident occurred due to an unexpected intervening issue, including unsafe roadway construction or defective traffic signals, your lawsuit may also name the entities responsible for these hazards as possible defendants.  Likewise, if the bus accident involved a school bus as opposed to mass transit, your lawsuit could include the school district or agency responsible for hiring the driver, subject to the New Jersey Tort Claims Act and its limitations on lawsuits against government employees.  

Bus accidents in New Jersey

Our office proudly serves residents of both New York City and New Jersey, including Hackensack, Paramus, the entirety of Bergen County, the five boroughs of NYC and Long Island. With the sheer number of urban New Jersey and New York residents, many of whom rely on mass transit systems as their sole source of travel, it is no wonder bus accidents occur on a regular basis and with increasing predictability.

According to statistics released by the New Jersey State Police, there were a total of nine fatal crashes involving a bus in 2012.  This number has slightly increased from 2011, which saw seven fatal crashes. In another interesting national study offered by the Journal of Safety Research, bus accidents account for just 0.6 percent of nationwide vehicle accidents per year. However, the number of bus accidents occurring per million passenger miles hovers at around 3 percent – a figure comparable with the number of auto accidents occurring per million passenger miles driven.

Bus accidents often occur suddenly and without warning – and may leave dozens of passengers injured in the aftermath.

Some of the most common scenarios surrounding serious bus injuries include the following:

  • Driver inattentiveness resulting in collisions with other vehicles or pedestrians;
  • Hazardous roadway conditions;
  • Overcrowded buses filled beyond approved capacity;
  • Overlooked lapses in safety features (e.g., broken seats, faulty doors, outdated brakes)

Regardless of the facts surrounding your bus accident, your attorney will help you unravel the details of your claim and prepare a thorough lawsuit supported by solid evidence. 

Compensation following a bus accident

The Bergen County accident attorneys of Eisbrouch Marsh can help you pursue some or all of the various types of compensation available under New Jersey Law. The type of compensation you seek in your lawsuit will depend upon the nature of your injuries, the impact of the bus accident on your everyday lifestyle and the severity of your experience.

For instance, the following types of compensation may be available to you:

  • Actual Damages: Actual damages are comprised of the quantifiable amount of money you had to spend due to your accident. This includes medical bills, lost wages, lost future earnings and property damage.
  • General Damages: General damages are those that are not easily quantifiable and will require additional evidence or testimony detailing the severity of your bus accident injury. This could include emotional distress or mental anguish. These damages could be significantly high if your accident was exceptionally severe or you are left permanently disabled. General damages may also include compensation for loss of consortium, which is designed to help remedy the loss of relationship or marital relations experienced by spouses in the event one is rendered disabled.
  • Punitive Damages: While not available in every situation, New Jersey law supports the notion of assessing extra damages against a defendant who acted grossly negligent or intentional.
  • Wrongful Death: If your loved one was killed following a tragic bus accident, New Jersey law allows for recovery by the decedent’s estate on behalf of the victim’s immediate family. If you are facing this difficult situation, your bus accident lawyer can help you navigate the process and begin your family’s healing process.

How NJ car accident attorneys can help

In New Jersey, commercial vehicle accident plaintiffs have just two years from the date of the accident to file a claim. If you were recently injured while riding a bus or due to a collision with a bus in either Hackensack, Paramus, Bergen County, or anywhere in northern NJ or New York City, the experienced attorneys of Eisbrouch Marsh can help. For a free assessment of your case, please call our offices at 201-342-5545.