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Lipitor Lawsuit

The first Lipitor lawsuit is a familiar story for many Americans. Heart disease is the #1 killer of American women, so 46-year-old South Carolina resident Margaret Clark didn’t hesitate to go on the cholesterol-lowering statin drug Lipitor when her doctor suggested it. Ten years later, Clark was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, despite maintaining a healthy body mass, a balanced diet, and exercising. Now she was at an increased risk of developing heart disease, which was what she had hoped to prevent.

Lipitor bottleThe law firm of Eisbrouch Marsh has been following this story from the start and is representing plaintiffs like Clark from all over the United States. Our expert legal team will take an in-depth look at your circumstances and determine whether a personal injury lawsuit is warranted.

We can help you every step of the way – from filing a Lipitor lawsuit to negotiating a settlement or representing your case in court. Every call is confidential and it costs plaintiffs nothing to ask for our help. Call 1-800-RESULTS to share your story with a Lipitor lawyer.

Researchers examine Lipitor and diabetes connection

Lipitor received FDA approval in 1996. Within a few years, doctors had written more than 29 million prescriptions. Despite the quick success, a number of studies and medical journal reports suggest a link between Lipitor and diabetes:

  • February 2010: A study from the University of Glasgow published in The Lancet claims that a side effect of statins is an increased risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • March 2011: A study published in the journal of the American College of Cardiology found Lipitor users had a 33% higher risk of developing diabetes.
  • June 2011: A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that high doses of Lipitor were associated with the onset of diabetes.
  • January 2012: A study of 160,000 women published in the Archives of Internal Medicine reported that older women taking Lipitor had a 50% greater risk of developing diabetes. This study found that the risk of developing diabetes increased among women who were post-menopausal, overweight or obese, sedentary, or Asian.

Researchers say it’s possible that statins like Lipitor impair insulin secretion and release, which may explain why users end up having higher-than-normal blood sugar levels and type 2 diabetes, according to US News & World Report. More studies are needed to determine why women are at a greater risk of developing statin-related diabetes than men. 

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been hesitant to condemn the use of statins, since their position has traditionally been that the benefits of these drugs outweigh the risks for many patients. However, in 2012, the FDA announced that new warning labels were needed for Lipitor and other statins; but for many Americans diagnosed with diabetes, these warnings came too late.

Lipitor litigation news

Lawsuits against Pfizer contend that the company knew or should have known about the risks associated with Lipitor, but negligently concealed these risks to increase their profits.If you suspect that your diabetes may have something to do with your use of Lipitor, Eisbrouch Marsh would be happy to review your case.

Not every Lipitor user with diabetes will receive compensation, but if the facts of your case appear substantial, you could qualify for compensation to cover:

  • Past, present and future medical bills
  • Lost income and loss of earning potential
  • Wrongful death and funeral benefits
  • Emotional pain and suffering

In February 2014, hundreds of similar Lipitor lawsuits were consolidated under Judge Richard Gergel in the U.S. District Court of South Carolina. Today, there are more than 959 pending cases included in the mass tort against Pfizer.

In addition, Modern Healthcare Magazine reports that similar cases are “piling up in many state courts, particularly California.” The first bellwether trial is slated for mid-2015, with cases still being selected. Should weaknesses be exposed in the early cases, it’s possible that settlement talks will begin. If Pfizer sees early victories, then Lipitor lawsuits will be remanded back to the courts where they were filed for individual hearings.

Benefits of hiring a Lipitor lawyer

Attorneys at Eisbrouch Marsh are not the only ones filing dangerous drug lawsuits nationwide, but they are among the very best. We have experience taking cases against big drug companies all the way to court. With more than 25 years of experience, our legal team has won several high profile cases. For example, one of our clients received a $7 million jury award when we proved that her use of diet drug Fen-Phen caused her to suffer from primary pulmonary hypertension.

Our product liability attorneys offer clients:

  • Private, complimentary consultations to discuss your case
  • A team of investigators who will gather evidence to present in official documents
  • Assistance filing a Lipitor lawsuit and making sure all essential paperwork has been filled out
  • Help securing valuable testimony from medical experts, researchers, and other credible professionals
  • Full representation during settlement negotiations and/or official court proceedings

We’ll listen to your side of the story and keep you informed every step of the way. We understand that no amount of money can compensate for the loss of your health.

However, it is important that drug manufacturers be held to task and that all those who were harmed receive enough money to pay their bills and move on with life. Call our offices today to schedule a no-charge case evaluation.